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     ... and we made you nations and tribes so that                                         you recognize each other
                                                        Quran: 49/13  

From one blood
He created the whole human race ...
The Bible: Acts 17:26

The essence of the project:
Construction of recreational and entertainment, scientific and educational complex, which includes recreation and accommodation, amusement park and water park.
The main concept of the park is familiarity with the culture of the peoples of the world; every visitor, of any age, can find here entertainment to their liking. You can visit the exhibition pavilion-museum, spend time in the year-round swimming pool or go boating in the summer, and in the winter ice skating in an artificial reservoir.

On the territory of the park all conditions are created in the form of separate thematic zones for holding; city ​​holidays, international exhibitions, conferences, business forums, world shows, wedding ceremonies, festivals, concerts, organization and provision of reception of foreign delegations. For the little ones in the park there is a corner with attractions such as; rope town, tree houses, pirate ship, trampoline center, carousels and much more...

What else? Extreme rides





* Example, is not a project

* Example, is not a project



theme park "Park of the Peoples of the World" - multi park resort complex

                         PARK ARCHITECTURE - bionic object design method

PARK of PEOPLES OF THE WORLD is a modern, interesting tourist complex that is dedicated to the humanity, its development and the cultural characteristics of all the peoples inhabiting our planet, the estimated number of visitors is over 1 million people per year. On the area of ​​20 hectares in the "Park of Peoples of the World" there are more than 20 main objects including the exhibition hall with a total area of ​​11.100 square meters. with expositions inside in the form of hyper-realistic figures, representatives of all countries on Earth, who captured fragments from the life as well as the cultural characteristics of each of them, a total of 188 exposition areas on which more than 500 sculptures are presented.
PARK of PEOPLES OF THE WORLD is a unique opportunity to live on the territory with the whole family in one of the houses made in 24 of the most popular interior styles in the world in which decorative items are delivered from each country representing a particular style.
Many properties are made in the styles of a particular nationality.

PARK of PEOPLE OF THE WORLD is a gastronomic abundance, where every tourist can try any cuisine of the world.




* Example, is not a project

* Example, is not a project




From the point of view of investment attractiveness, Primorsky Krai has a number of indisputable advantages. One of the most significant is the favorable geographical position - proximity to potential investors, leading Asian countries (China, North Korea, Japan, Republic of Korea). As a result, cooperation with representatives such as Korea Limited, LotteConfectionaryCoLTD, KOTRA (Republic of Korea), KomatsuKorporation (Japan).​
Attention is drawn to the region by the growth of tourist flow and foreign trade turnover, as well as the successful implementation of such major projects as; bridges across the Golden Horn Bay and onto Russian Island, the FEFU campus, the Primorye gambling zone, the Opera and Ballet Theater, and gastronomic abundance. After 5 years, cruise liners from all over the world come to the city regularly, 2 times, or even 3 times a year. For example: Transoceanic liner Costa Victoria opened the cruise season in Vladivostok:
Or, recently, the Big Guest - the MSC Splendida superliner has come to Vladivostok:

According to the results 2017, the overall growth in the domestic and inbound areas was 30%. The region was visited by over 3.5 million Russian guests and about 620 thousand foreign tourists.
In the last six months of this year, Primorye was visited by 316.5 thousand foreigners, of which, with tourist purposes, 256.4 thousand guests.
This once again confirms the fact that foreigners have an interest in Vladivostok as a tourist city.
Since 2018, Vladivostok is the center of the Far Eastern Federal District. Decree of 12/13/2018​

Tourist potential of the Primorye territory

In terms of the development of tourist infrastructure and the concentration of cultural and historical sites, the Primorsky Territory is ranked 1st in the DFO.
The region has 184 units of state and public museums, art galleries;
* over 2,000 units of historical and cultural monuments (urban planning, architecture, monumental and visual arts, archeology);
* 9 theaters, 20 cinemas, 2 circuses, 1 aquarium;
* more than 60 orchestras, concert organizations, cultural centers;
* more than 300 units of leisure facilities, about 30 units of large sports complexes, 10 stadiums, 7 specials. exhibition centers;
* more than 450 enterprises, including 224 recreation centers, camp sites and boarding houses.
The hotel industry of Primorsky Territory has 191 enterprises with a total of more than 5.5 thousand units.

Vladivostok is interesting not only because it is the administrative, transport, economic and cultural center of Primorsky Krai. The peninsula is washed by the waters of the Amur and Ussuri bays, included in the waters of Peter the Great Bay, Sea of ​​Japan. To the south of the peninsula there are a number of islands that are used as attractive tourist sites.

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Primorsky Territory, the city of Vladivostok, Artekovskaya Street (st. "Pioneer")
From the indicated point on the map:
35 km to Knevichi International Airport; 
28 km to the city of Vladivostok
20 km to the Tigre de Cristal Gaming Zone
180 km to the border of the crossing point to China

Dates and stages:
Stage 1 (January 2018 - August 2019) - design, implementation
the project, the development of the land, the construction of the 1st stage of the complex, which includes a living area and a water park.
Stage 2 (September 2019 - October 2020) - the construction of the second stage of the complex, including an amusement park, recreation area, museum, circus. Commissioning of facilities.


The cost of the 1st stage of the project is 4.6 billion rubles.
*project management and construction costs
The Cost of the 2nd stage of the project is 2.3 billion rubles.
*project management and construction costs
The total cost of the project is 6.9 billion rubles.

AUTHOR'S design hyperrealistic figures

The head of Arnold Schwarzenegger is the author's development of our Russian sculptor Peter Chegodaev. Peter is a young and talented sculptor. When we told Peter about the idea, he gladly agreed to work with us and supported the project. The development of the model, printing technology and implementation took about a year. This is the first in Russia the production technology of human figures made in the technique of hyperrealism. Extensive use of these figures have long been received in the Western film industry, in particular in Hollywood militants. Hyperrealistic figure - one of the important criteria of cool action. In our case, it is an interactive, modern with special effects exhibition Museum-pavilion of all countries of the world where the figures are made in the technique of hyperrealism. Special attention will be paid to the peoples of the Far East.
* his character was chosen as a working sample for the purpose of maximum recognition (identification)

THE SOCIAL life of the progect

October 13, 2018, the company "Strategist" became a member of the VIII all-Russian festival of science NAUKA 0 + at the site of VGUES. Our guys organized an interactive platform "Park of the peoples of the world", conducted a fascinating tour with elements of master classes for the guests of the event. The format is an educational excursion into the world of indigenous peoples of the Far East and an exhibition of Ukrainian culture, where exhibits related to the first Ukrainian settlers of Primorsky Krai were presented.
Special thanks for your help in organizing the event:
1. The Union Of Indigenous Peoples Of Primorsky Krai
2. Center of Ukrainian culture Anatoly Krill — "Turtledove»

          What is a science festival:

PROJECT objective: the development of domestic tourism in the Primorsky Territory, the development of international tourism in Russia, the creation of new jobs for specialists, the strengthening of foreign economic and political ties, the development of the region in the framework of socio-economic development. Economic development of the Primorsky Territory until 2025 from 10.20.2008 N324 K3 Chapter III Goals and priority areas of development of the Primorsky Territory, paragraph 2.1.5.
Absolute observance of the goals of the federal target program “Strengthening the unity of the Russian people and the ethnocultural development of the peoples of Russia (2014-2020)”. Government Decision of August 20, 2013 No. 718
                                                         * * *

PROJECT mission: formation of equal, modern, comfortable conditions for familiarizing with cultural achievements, traditions, creativity, history, spiritual enrichment of citizens as a single cultural space. Contribution to the development of world culture. Strengthening the strength of the country. Creation of ethno-cultural brand of the region. Natural benefit to the world and to each individual person. Direct development of the regional economy.
                                                         * * *

the IMPORTANCE of the project: Theme parks play an important role in regional development and often act as the main factors involved in the formation and development of the image of the region, a distinctive feature of which is their focus on the cultural component, which is transformed into a positive socio-economic effect increasing the level of competitiveness of the region.


the support:


Primorsky regional branch-study of the Amur region

Department of tourism Primorsky Krai

 Department of culture Primorsky Krai

    Department of international
    cooperations Primorsky Krai

Federal Agency for tourism Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation

VI Congress of peoples of Primorsky Krai. Scientific and practical conference "Primorye: peoples, religions, society" dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Primorsky Krai
LAMBERT Academic Publishing
Member of the American booksellers Association, booksellers Association in great Britain
French economic journa

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Project initiator:
OOO "Strateg" Resident SPV

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Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok
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Phone: 8-914-704-1006
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Dear investors!
If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail: parknarodov or contact the ANO "Investment Agency of Primorsky Krai" Vladivostok.
Any commercial and non-commercial structures are invited to participate in the project financially.
Profit directions have already been formed. The terms of your participation are discussed individually.
Welcome to the national project!